Mascara cocktailing

A popular cosmetic trick that begins to appear in the world of the internet is the so-called mascara cocktailing. A good friend of mine used it in her everyday makeup routine back in high school and I thought she was crazy at the time. I took her morning maneuvers in front of the mirror as a pointless activity and a waste of time.

My interest in beauty in recent years has convinced me otherwise. My friend Sandra, and even her mother, from whom she learned the trick, were elsewhere. They simply knew how to make perfect lashes. Although I was interested in it then too, but I guess I was too lazy to do something like that. I preferred to spend my time picking out the right shoes, because they didn’t really pay much attention to eyelashes in the Sex and the City series (never mind). It would be different today.

The goal of this popular trick is undoubtedly to achieve long, natural-looking lashes that give the whole makeup look the perfect touch.

So how does this miracle work?

As the name suggests, it’s about using several different mascaras and layering them on top of each other. 

Instead of a drink, I mix up my morning routine. By using multiple mascaras during one makeup application, you can achieve a beautiful 3D effect, maximum lash volume, or a specific curl or lengthening.

It’s quite an alchemical feat, but well worth trying. The trick lies in the different textures and brushes of each mascara. It will be especially appreciated by those who aren’t too fond of stick-on or false lashes.

How many types of mascara are just enough?

Creativity is never the limit in beauty and this is no different. My first suggestion is to see what lashes do when you add another mascara to your favourite, maybe one you’ve been eyeing for a while and want to try, but your loyalty is stronger. So we have the perfect solution!

Everyone likes something different, so my advice is to find your own ritual. A routine that suits you, no need to stick to any rules. Don’t be afraid to try and experiment. You can apply layers of mascara right after each other without letting them dry, or you can wait and apply the next mascara after the previous one dries. There’s even a trick that speeds up the mascara’s drying time, but that’s pretty high level for us. Luckily, we’re calm and composed souls who don’t have to face the daily hustle and bustle, so we can enjoy applying a few coats of mascara, keeping a cool head and learning patience, just like waiting for Frank Ocean’s new album.


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