Our world is colourful and so are our products

We don’t see obstacles in imperfections. Just the opposite: we believe that it’s precisely those features that shape our uniqueness and distinctiveness. We see them as an opportunity to express ourselves and stand out from the crowd.

Our philosophy

Stop dreaming about beauty, start living it with us

We know that everyone’s got a fire burning within, and can be the voice of their generation.

We’re open to challenges and unconventional perspectives

Our cosmetics aren’t uptight. Just the opposite: they’re playful and defy established conventions.

The ideal of beauty is obsolete

We celebrate all its forms. Keeping our feet on the ground is not our style, instead we shape our own universe, we believe in individuality and uniqueness.

Beauty is human

The definition of beauty has changed throughout history. We believe in concepts that are timeless – self-confidence, satisfaction, and courage.

Create your
own universe

Satisfaction and self-confidence are the only path to beauty, thanks to which you can overcome any challenge and surpass the limits of your abilities. Perfectionism is no longer fashionable; self-confidence is what sets today’s trends.


A proper eye care

Have you ever failed to remove your make-up in the evening? Or are you the type of person who does it more often? Maybe even consciously?  The more often, the worse. The eye area is the most sensitive part of the face and that’s because we have the thinnest skin around our eyes. The eyes…

Mascara cocktailing

A popular cosmetic trick that begins to appear in the world of the internet is the so-called mascara cocktailing. A good friend of mine used it in her everyday makeup routine back in high school and I thought she was crazy at the time. I took her morning maneuvers in front of the mirror as…