How to get beautiful eyelashes? Boost peptides.

If you’re choosing a new eyelash serum or one of many other skin care products, we recommend looking for the word “peptide” in the formula. What are peptides? What are their benefits in cosmetics? How does the serum containing them help you?

Peptides are essentially fragments of proteins, made up of short or long chains of amino acids. Our skin is made up of proteins (you may be familiar with keratin or collagen) and these proteins are made up of peptides. If there is a deficiency of peptides in our skin, the proteins don’t form, and it leads to loose skin, wrinkles, and even hair or eyelash problems (such as loosing or breakage of hair).

Peptides are naturally present in our skin. They keep us looking healthy and young, but as we grow older, their natural production becomes lower, and sometimes they need a little boost. So it’s a good idea to supplement with the right beauty products. When we apply peptides in cosmetic products to the skin, we are giving it the power it needs to produce the essential proteins elastin, collagen and creatine.

There are a number of cosmetic products on the market containing peptides, individually or in various combinations, and different applications. They fulfill different roles. From smoothing the skin from wrinkles with creams and lotions, to enhancing hair growth with shampoos, to their use in eyelash serums.

Spacelash Eyelash Serum contains peptides responsible for the production of creatine. The most important of these peptides is acetyl tetrapeptide-3. It stimulates the production of creatine, which is the key to beautiful and thick eyelashes. This key peptide with 4 amino acids stimulates and promotes the growth of the lashes. It is an ideal ingredient for use in an eyelash serum because it is gentle and doesn’t cause allergies or skin reactions.

Treat yourself with Spacelash Eyelash Serum which uses natural substances to extend, and increase the volume of your eyelashes within six weeks. This serum will not only lengthen your eyelashes, it will also nourish them and preserve their beauty.


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