A proper eye care

Have you ever failed to remove your make-up in the evening? Or are you the type of person who does it more often? Maybe even consciously? 

The more often, the worse. The eye area is the most sensitive part of the face and that’s because we have the thinnest skin around our eyes. The eyes need to be pampered with royal treatment. 

Talking about eyes creams, serums and other charms, we don’t have to worry about what kind of skin we have, as a rule, the eye area is the skin of all of us that is sensitive.

First of all, always take makeup off! Second, don’t scrub your makeup with products that aren’t meant for eye makeup removal. Red eyes, burning, and blurry images are is not a pleasure you might be looking for. It can even affect our sleep if we take our makeup off before bed. And you don’t want that. Bad or non removal of an eye makeup can affect our sleep, and you don’t want that.

Again, we’re back to my favorite saying – who’s who’s to pick on these products?

Retinols, vitamins C, E, A, D, omegas, collagens, acids, peptides,…

And again I respond with my favorite answer. We have to remember that we are all individuals and that each of us can benefit from something different as well as harm. 

I personally prefer and recommend natural cosmetics, and I don’t mean natural as a dirty term. And by the way, retinol is vitamin A.

Whether it’s a serum, cream or mask we’re going to use, think about how much time we’re willing to invest in our eye daily routine.

Selection parameters

Due to the incredibly large selection, choose what you like, you always have to try it anyway to be sure. I’ll guide you on what I recommend you think about when choosing.

  • texture (gel, smooth, soft, cool, oil, sticky, and many more)
  • applicator (can be a cream in a cup, with a pump, a pipette, or an applicator with a metal ball that cools beautifully, applicators in the form of lipstick or deodorant, and other all sorts of ways that my memory no longer extends)
  • scent (a very important parameter, needless to tell you why)
  • If you’re principled, find out about the specific brand you’re buying too, It’s always nice to agree with them and support brands that see the cosmetic (and other) future the same way you do.
  • what you want from the product that you want to achieve

Hydrate, glow, no dark circles or wrinkles?

It depends on what we want from the eye area. I advise you to read the accompanying leaflet of the product so you know what it’s for, mindblowing, right? If I’m looking for a product to brighten my eye area, it will probably contain some vitamins and its description will include the word hydration, cucumber, aloe vera, or caffeine, among others.

In the case of getting rid of dark circles or wrinkles, we can expect firming and nourishing ingredients like collagen, various acids, etc.

There are also combinations, I call them the universal miracle of how to blink into space day and night together with Spacelash serum with an irresistible look.


It is not only in multiplication that practice makes perfect, this rule can also be applied to skin care, in this case the practice makes your skin looks and feels perfect. The ideal is to practice eye care every night before bed, when the skin is exfoliated, cleansed and resting for the next few hours (hopefully many), giving it time to nourish itself by absorbing the products.

Well, and once in a while, do a mask, mainly because it’s nice. Enjoy the moment, stop and maybe even close your eyes.

Massage and face yoga

The proven methods work, which is why face yoga has become very popular, as well as all sorts of Korean rollers and stones for massaging the eye area. These practices aren’t just enjoyable, they’re also beneficial, try them out and incorporate them into your routine, the time you put in will come back to you in the form of beautifully nourished skin.

A tip you’ve probably heard but is worth mentioning: put the massager, mask, cucumber, or eye pod in the fridge, the cooling touch on the eye area is absolutely amazing.

So what does that mean?

Always remember to remove the makeup, find the right product to use regularly, apply a mask every now and then, massage your eye area, or do some eye yoga. 

Treat yourself to a restful and undisturbed night’s sleep and don’t forget to protect your eyes with long nourishing lashes, a blue light filter, and UV protection.

Mia Kriva


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